Monday, August 5, 2013

Event-filled Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend was a busy one here on the Big Island with two events on Saturday and three on Sunday.  Saturday kicked off the weekend with the first half of the MS Ride and also the EMS 5k Run and 2-mile walk in Hilo.  Unfortunately, I've been battling an injury, so we weren't able to make it over for the EMS Run this year. But lots of other people were there, with 400 finishers in just the 5k! Results from the EMS run are available here

On Sunday morning, the second half of the MS Ride concluded, we had Peaman's Pedal til ya Puke, Run til ya Ralph event in Kona and Big Island Road Runners hosted the Mana 10s in Waimea.  We stuck around town for the Peaman event, but heard great reviews from the runners at the Mana 10k and 10-miler.  That race is run on Mana Road, with a large portion unpaved.  The course challenges you with some rolling hills and an incline on the way out and then mainly downhill on the way back.  The weather is also usually a little different from our typical sunny skies and 80 degrees.  Waimea is known for being cool and rainy - perfect running weather.  Results from that event are below:
Big Island Road Runners Mana 2013 10 Mile Results
1 Jonathan Peralto 1:03:41
2 Alan Ryan 1:07:39
3 Carlos Valdez 1:09:18
4 Tony O'Toole 1:09:18
5 Jason Nixon 1:16:16
6 Curtis Neck 1:16:51
7 Chad Trujillo 1:18:32
8 Keith Marrack 1:19:36
9 Shaun Parker 1:25:09
10 Ray Ibarra 1:25:15
11 Avery Kramer 1:27:24
12 Pono Ontiveros 1:29:10
13 Andrew M Langtry 1:30:03
14 Jason Saturnho 1:35:19
15 James McGowan 1:35:56 
16 Duane Sleightholm 1:40:53
17 Sean Atkins 1:43:03
18 David Hammes 1:46:41
19 Robert Pauole 1:47:28
20 Rick Otani 1:53:59
21 Dennis Delos-Reyes 2:06:04
1. Noe Waller 1:13:32
2. Zoe Sims 1:15:55
3. Shalila de Bourmalt 1:21:57
4. Sally Marrack 1:26:11
5. Serena Chamberlain 1:27:30
6. Kelly Sohriakoff 1:31:21
7. Noelle Loran 1:32:11
8. Susan Nixon 1:33:25
9. Michelle Miranda 1:33:29
10. Reyna Javar 1:45:51
11. Trudy Sleightholm 1:47:14
12. Ashley Drake 1:47:36
13. Nicky Marmen 1:48:10
14. Erin Wagner 1:48:42
15. Maggie Murphy 1:50:27
16. Kyra Bronson 2:02:05
17. Lee Otani 2:05:39
Big Island Road Runners Mana 2013 10k Results
1 Andrew Langtry 42:35
2 John Ross 42:53
3 Bill McMahon 43:54
4 Michael Svetich 46:53
5 Kent Kowalski 47:23 
6 Taylor Petrucha 48:41
7 Tyson Ah Puck 51:04
8 Brent Imowen 51:06
9 Larry Johannesen 51:51
10 Steve Pavao 58:40
11 Charles Wagnes 1:01:44
12 Trey Y 1:03:14
13 Kawika Ganancial 1:04:39
14 Anson Rynsaki 1:06:13
15 Tony Rogers 1:06:15 
1. Melanie Aiona 46:25
2. Kristiana Van Pernis 46:52
3. Sharon Munk 48:42
4. Ada Benson 50:28
5. Holly Weigle 56:02
6. Donna Ah Puck 59:03
7. Wendy Clark 59:39
8. Kapua Lapera 59:46
9. Lipoa Kahaleuahi 1:01:02
10. Debra Simionson 1:04:07
11. Malia Rodgers 1:06:15
12. Cindy Ansing 1:06:49
13. Tina Benson 1:08:02
14. Suzie Bistline 1:09:04
15. Tina Prettyman 1:11:44
16 Keala Lapera 1:13:52
17 Linda Seaney 1:18:18
18 Audrey Nixon 1:24:20
Meanwhile, runners and cyclists were making their way from the bottom of Kaloko Drive all the way to the top - 6.5 miles straight up - for Peaman's Pedal Til Ya Puke, Run Til Ya Ralph. Full results from the race are available here. Unfortunately, I missed getting a time for one biker, which knocked the results off by one person.  I think we got it corrected, but let us know if you think your time was different.

Leading the way for the cyclists was Penn Henderson, as usual, with a time of 38:18.  Robert Patey of Hilo was second in 43:47 and Sean Maynard was third in 45:19.  The first "runner" to the top was Dene Sturm's dog Bailey in a time of 51:15.  Chris Gregory was first for runner with two legs in a time of 53:33.  Jason was next in 58:44. 

Sean Maynard

Chris Gregory

Bailey after her run up Kaloko
For the ladies, Kym Kiser was the first cyclist to the top in a time of 52:25, followed by Pam Harlow in 1:06:01 and Lori Montgomery on her mountain bike in 1:26:19.  Rani Henderson was the first female runner to finish the climb with a time of 1:00:45. Linda Goeth was second in 1:27:45 and Julia Crawford was third in 1:38:44. 

Kym Kiser
Rani and Floyd climbing the hill, Peaman and Doug starting the 1-mile run.
For runners who didn't want to tackle the entire distance, there was the Papa Pea Pedal or Plod.  This year, Papa Pea took first place overall in the distance named after him!

Papa Pea
Finally, there was a 1-mile distance that started at the top of the hill, ran down for half a mile and then turned around and climbed back to the finish.  Amanda Schiff took first place in that race in a time of 9:39.  She was followed by her brother Henry in 10:13.  Jon Kunitake wrapped up the top three racers in a time of 10:24. Jason and Chris Gregory both did a double, running the full distance as well as the mile.

Amanda Schiff and her dog

Henry Schiff
Jason, Jon Kunitake and Aaron Andrade
A special shout-out to Rob Van Geen who climbed the entire distance for his first return to a Peaman event since having a bike wreck in the late spring. It was great to see him back out there!

Rob Van Geen with Wendy Minor and Doug Henbest
Also, here is a link to the results from last weekend's Team Mango trashcan triathlon.  We sure had a good time cleaning up Alii Drive! 

Up this weekend is the UH-Hilo Vulcan XC 5k on Saturday at 8:00 a.m. at Naniloa Volcanoes Resort Golf Course.  Then on Sunday is the Alii Challenge, a 6-mile swim from Keauhou Bay to Kailua Pier.  Jason and I plan to do a relay for this one for the first time - should be interesting!