Monday, February 24, 2014

February Recap - Part II

Valentine's Day popped up in the middle of February and with it came a bunch of races. (Part I of February's recap is available here.)

Sweetheart Shuffle 5K and 10K Relay

This event was hosted by, and was a fundraiser for, the Waverider Triathlon Club. These high school kids and their advisor Kristin Drost put on a great fun and different race.  Runners could complete the 5k individually or team up with their sweetheart for 10K relay.  Since I'm finally getting back into  running after that nagging plantar fasciitis, Jason and I decided this would be a fun run to try out. In addition to the fun relay aspect of the event, the race was held on the new mid-level road, which meant nice sidewalks, little to no traffic and a nice downhill finish.
(Photo by Waverider Tri Club)
I started off with the 5k runners and tried to keep pace with Leonard Torricer.  That didn't last very long, but I was happily able to keep him in sight for most of the race.  I was not, however, able to keep the first relay team's runner in sight - she was FAST! So we were second place in the relay when I tagged off to Jason, with John Ferdico and Ali Steiner not too far behind us.
Photo by Waverider Tri Club
Jason's been doing a lot of triathlon training, which means a lot of hours on the bike and not as many on the run.  So we had no idea if he'd be able to make up the over 2 minutes that the lead relay had on me. But as it turns out, he really likes to chase people down and managed to make up that time and more.  We finished the relay with a combined time of 41:29.

Relay results are below:

Braswell, Melissa 41:29:00 1
Braswell, Jason 41:29:00 1
Pittaway, Elizabeth 00:42:25.34 2
Burnell, Chris 00:42:25.34 2
Ferdico, John 44:50.7 3
Steiner, Ali 44:50.7 3
Hudik, Kelly 47:10.1 4
Lannen, Kevin 47:10.1 4
Garcia, Irene 49:04.5 5
Franco, Jose 49:04.5 5
ziemelis, eric 51:44.7 6
ziemelis, julie 51:44.7 6
Prince, Victoria 00:52:35.45 7
Marroquin,Benito 00:52:35.45 7
Prater, Kevin 01:01:46.64 8
Prater, Becky 01:01:46.64 8
Aparacio-Bill, Charo 01:02:47.96 9
Kunitake, Jon 01:02:47.96 9
Rafol, Kaylee 1:06:48 10
Talentino, Exquiel 1:06:48 10

In the 5k, high school track athlete and Waverider Tri Club member Thunder Frost took first place in a time of 17:38 and Anita Leao won for the ladies with a time of 21:24.

Getting in the Valentine's spirit (photos by Waverider Tri Club)
5k results:

Frost, Thunder 151 17:38.3
Pruitt, Brian 140 18:23.5
Leao ,Anita 146 21:24.0
Torricer, Leonard 109 22:37.6
Matheus, Edward 123 24:30.1
Hinkley, Jessica 122 24:54.1
Mears, Jolene 110 26:08.0
Griley, Kai 101 26:39.2
Griley, Susan 102 27:01.9
Snively, Kanoa 114 27:27.5
Ross, Tristan 136 00:26.5
Hettel-Hori, Olivia 131 28:02.9
Dixon, Virginia 115 28:23.6
Coates, Leigh 124 28:33.5
MacDonald, Ginny 121 29:19.2
tucker, Jim 141 29:29.3
Leao Alex 148 30:19.0
Blaber, Janice 149 30:45.1
Manoi, Hiilawe 119 31:00.6
Benke, Danielle 125 32:12.9
Kersten, Holly 126 32:14.2
Pries, Heather 127 32:15.0
Stansell, Candis 128 32:16.2
Weinhold, Renate 139 32:33.5
Fyrileiv, Lilo 113 34:43.9
Tupe, Matthew 146 35:13.5
Leao, Cameron 145 35:22.0
Vogt, Alan 112 37:31.9
Cosare, Howard 132 38:43.3
Thomas, Skylar 137 38:44.4
Romp-Friesen, Toni 106 39:02.3
Huebner, Honokanai'a 130 44:10.4
Huebner, Andreas 129 44:13.0
Yeates, Sandee 134 44:33.0
Payne, Doug 135 44:34.3
Yoshimura, Lana 107 45:30.0
Cooper, Joni 138 52:07.8
Blaber, Liz 153 52:27.1
Blaber,Richard 152 52:28.2
Reed, Michelee 118 53:28.8
Mero, Joanne 00:53.3
Reed, Sam 00:53.3
Piltz, Kainoa 142 53:30.3
Jones, Donna 120 55:32.1
Kanino, Kiani 150 59:00.0

Ramirez, Anissa 133 00:59.0

Terrific Turtle Trudge, Dragon Dash and Golden Fox Gallop
The next morning, runners gathered under rainy and overcast skies to tackle one of the two run-only Peaman races. 
Not your typical Kona weather
These races are measured in inches, with the Terrific Turtle Trudge taking 332,640 inches, the Dragon Dash covering 126,720 inches and Golden Fox Gallop running 63,360 inches. Thanks to Makena Becker who helped take pictures of this event while I was doing the timing. All of the photos are available here. Full results from the race are available here

In the Golden Fox Gallop, Elijah Hall (7:10) and Nophia Pintor (7:11) had quite the battle for first and second, with Elijah eeking out the win. 
Almost photo finish
Crowd support!
For the Dragon Dash, Daniel Hauanio blazed through in 15:51, while Lori Montgomery was the first female in 17:21.

Lori striding to the finish
Running on air
Peaman and some lovely ladies
In the Terrific Turtle Trudge, Chris Gregory was the first to cross the finish line with a time of 29:22.  Rani Henderson was first for the ladies in 32:29, while pushing her son Cole in a stroller - impressive!

Chris nearing the finish
Rani and what looks like a sleeping Cole.
Team Mango's Sprint Triathlon

Then yesterday, Team Mango hosted its third and final triathlon for the month of February, the Sprint Triathlon.  Distances for this race were a 1/3 mile swim, 15 mile bike down Alii Drive into the Pit and back and a 2-mile run loop past Huggo's.  JTL Timing was testing out new triathlon timing chips, so results look really official for this race and are available here

A new addition - a clock at the race! (Photo by Carl Koomoa)

While I wanted to participate in this race but still don't bike, I recruited one of our employees, Tyler La Salle to complete the bike portion for me.  I started off on the swim, which was short and chaotic with the amount of people in the water. But I made it out ok and tagged off to Tyler.

(Photo by Carl Koomoa)

While waiting to start the run, I was able to observe quite a bit of the race. Thomas Vonach took first place overall with a time of 56:57.  Winona Chen was first for the ladies with a time of 1:06:58.  Andre Barbieri finished with an impressive time of 1:24:29, with several leg prosthesis changes along the way!

(Photo by Carl Koomoa)
The Big Island Running Company team finished in 1:19:01 and had a great time! Thanks to Carl and all of the Team Mango volunteers for all their help in putting on these fun events!

(Photo by Christine DeCarli)
Up this weekend is another Peaman event, Zoomin' Zak's Plunge and Plod Biathlon (1/2 mile swim and 3.9 mile run).  The event starts at 8:08 on Sunday, March 2 at the Kailua Pier. 

February's Recap - Part 1

Well, that New Year's Resolution of posting more frequently on the blog really went out the window... Since it's been a month since we posted anything, I'm going to try to do some brief recaps of the races that have happened since then, but I'm going to split it up into two posts (Part II is available here).

Peaman's Splish-Splash and Super Bowl Shuffle Biathlon

January's Peaman event was appropriately Super Bowl themed, with a 1/2 mile swim and 3.1 mile run.  Karlyn Pipes swam and ran away with the race, taking the overall title in 35:53. Tony Frost was the first male finisher in 36:47.  Full results from the race are available here

Super Bowl Sunday Races

Although Peaman's race was a Super Bowl theme, it was held the week before the actual Big Game.  On Super Bowl Sunday, Team Mango hosted their Springtime Triathlon and Jeff and Dana Strang hosted their annual Super Bowl Sunday Half Marathon and Pickup Runs.

Chris Gregory took the overall win in the 1/2 mile swim, 15 mile bike and 6 mile run of the Springtime Tri with a time of 1:28:57. Big Island Running Company's representative John Ferdico finished in 2:04:23. Full results are available at Team Mango's website.

Meanwhile, I took part in the Strang runs.  The half marathon distance run starts from Kua Bay and runs into town to Yoga Hale.  I did this run last year and it's a great way to run a different route - and they have water along the way! Since I'm not quite up to 13 mile distances yet this year, I opted for the 8 mile run from Kaiminani Drive into town.  Thanks to some great running partners (Chitwin, Ali and Jenny), it was a fun morning, with a faster than anticipated time (1:10).  Thanks to Jeff and Dana for hosting this fun run each year! Results are below:

½ marathon
1:32:00 Bree Wee
1:45:00 Lance Mirchell
1:52:25 Kevin Lannen
1:53:30 Stephen Cosgrove
1:57:00 Scott Jewsbury
1:57:05 Kerstin Busse
2:01:12 Susan Smith Nixon
2:02:00 Jeff Strang
2:12:30 Vegard Fyrileiu
2:31:00 Floyd Rhoades
2:33:00 Betsy Solis
2:34:00 Johno Perea
2:37:00 John Kaiwi
2:47:00 Pete Ballerini
2:55:00 Patty Ferrington on a route of her own

8 miles
1:06:00 Kevin Graham
1:06:00 Rebekah Lussiaa
1:06:00 George Collins
1:10:00 Melissa Braswell
1:10:00 Chitwin Santun
1:11:00 Ali Steiner
1:12:00 Cassidy Landes
1:12:30 Katie Rice
1:13:30 Jenny Payne
1:14:00 Karen Harris
1:17:00 Grete Brantenborg
1:22:00 Esther Lehmann
1:22:00 Terry Field

6.2 miles
:51:00 Chris White
:51:00 Kevin Geiger
:51:00 Charles Hailey
:57:30 Shea Cochran
1:06:00 Jim Tucker
1:10:00 Melissa John
1:12:00 Pay Sackniess
1:12:30 John Mothershead
1:12:30 Leanne Lowden
1:15:00 Ryan Nuckols
1:17:00 Todd Weinmann

4mi (from Across the Ocean)
1:25:00 Stevie Strang
1:25:00 Cindy Schafer
1:25:00 Doris the Dog

Team Mango's Monster and Mini-Monster Triathlons

The following weekend was Team Mango's Monster and Mini-Monster Triathlons.  These have become a really popular event for people who want to train at longer distances. The Mini-Monster covers a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and 13.1 mile run.  The Monster doubles those distances (covering the same amount of miles on much of the same course as the Ironman triathlon).  And as is typical, there were all kinds of relays, crazy distances and course records.  Full results are available here

This year, Sylvia Ravaglia captured the overall Monster distance title with a time of 12:02:10, setting a new course record and women's course record.  Cycle Station's John Howerton took second and first male in 12:21:30. First place in the Mini-Monster went to Cory McCord, racing for Dr. Monica Scheel Dermatology.  Ellyn Brown of Anchorage, Alaska was the first female Mini-Monster finisher.  

I was able to capture some shots of the athletes at the aid station behind Target on the run course, so here are some of those shots.
Shirley Pratt motoring by the aid station.

Linda Hallinger hard at work keeping the athletes hydrated.
Smiling face.
Picture of determination
Thanks to Team Mango and all the volunteers who work so hard to make these training events possible. 

Part II will have updates from last weekend's Valentine's Day races and yesterday's Team Mango triathlon.

Peaman's 50th Birthday Bonanza!

The December Peaman event is always a special one because it falls on or around Peaman's birthday.  And this year was a biggie, as Peaman turned 50! In the weeks leading up the race, the community started a Facebook event where people added photos and messages about how Peaman and his races have impacted them.  Needless to say, there were some wonderful entries.  Mercedes DeCarli compiled the comments and photos and put them together as a gift/virtual card for Peaman.  Here's to another 50 years, Sean!

At the actual race, the distance was a 1/2 mile swim and a 3.9 mile run.  However, the swim may have ended up being a little longer for some and shorter for others as the buoy broke free and sprinted away right as the lead pack was approaching.  After a little chaos and confusion, everyone eventually made it back to shore!

For the Peas, Tommy Vonach came in first place with a time of 36:50, followed closely by Jenson Button in 36:57. Jano Soto took third place with a nice round time of 40:00. For the ladies, the top three finished within 13 seconds of each other! Elsa Palmer finished first with a time of 41:53, followed by Kathy Winkler in 42:01 and Jeni Winegarner in 42:06.

The Split Pea relays were taken by Kevin and Karl Moats in 37:21, followed by Frank and Greg Ferren in 41:40. Lexi DeCarli claimed the Swim Pea title in 13:39 and Jamie Geissler was the top Run Pea in 25:32, although she was bested by two Skate Peas.

For the Peawees, it was Silas Wiley sprinting to the top in 10:12, with Raka Barrett (10:47) and Kanaipono Eckart (11:07) taking second and third. The top Peawee Split Pea team was Aiden and Alec Ankrum in 11:37.  Charles Janjigian was the first Swim Peawee with a time of 6:01 and Nicole Morgan was the top Run Peawee in 7:04.

Results for the race are available here. Some pictures of the race are below, but more are available here. Thanks to Makena Becker for taking most of these pictures!