Saturday, April 26, 2014

An Easter Weekend of Racing

Since I took a large portion of 2013 off of running and racing while I battled plantar fasciitis, it had been awhile since I'd been able to enjoy all of the fun local events as a participant.  I solved that problem last weekend by running two races in the span of 15 hours and then attending a third the next day.  It was great to be back again, but I was very happy to have a rest day after that!

On the afternoon of Good Friday, I drove over to Hilo to participate in the Emily Wedemann Memorial 5-miler.  Emily was a longtime supporter of the Big Island Road Runners and the running community on the east side of the island.  Her sons are also great assets to that community with Joe serving as race director for the new Hilo Triathlon while Bob serves as the race director for the Big Island International Marathon. Emily passed away a few years ago from cancer, so instead of an entry fee, the run collections donations to the American Cancer Society (almost $600!). 

(Photo by Big Island Road Runners)
The run started at Coconut Island, ran a loop around Liliuokalani Gardens, headed up the Suisan Bridge to Bayfront before turning back, running along Banyan Drive and out on Kalanianole Ave towards the port and back.

Tony O'Toole was the first men's finisher with a time of 34:28.  Harrison Bierman (34:40) and Patrick Baker (36:29) took second and third for the men. 

Women's Winner Emily Wallingford (Photo by Big Island Road Runners)
Emily Wallingford took first place for the ladies with a time of 36:55.  I followed in second place in 39:07, with Sarah Bidwell finishing third in 39:10.

Full results from the race are available here. Some additional photos of the race are below:

Happy finisher Jim (Photo by Big Island Road Runners)

Running in slippers (Photo by Big Island Road Runners)
Veronica Wedemann outpacing husband Joe to the finish (Photo by Big Island Road Runners)
Thanks to Big Island Road Runners for hosting this race! After the run was over, I drove back to Kona, grabbed a quick dinner and hopped in bed to be ready for the next race - the 33rd Annual Mac-a-thon 5k/10k in Honaunau.

Jason and I take turns attending this race because it's on a Saturday morning and conflicts with our training groups/store opening, but it's always one we fight over.  Several people I've talked to say this is their favorite race on the island.  The course is challenging (running the road from Honaunau to Kealakekua Bay and back), but the post-race festivities and local vibe are well worth it.

This race is full of perennial competitors - including race starter Teddy Ginn, who at age 81 is still going strong!

After his blessing, the 10k took off on the course.  Kris Keough from Kealakekua used his knowledge of the course to his advantage and beat out Nathanael Mole to take first place.  Big Island Running Company's John Ferdico was unable to hold off the women's winner Stacy Schlocker-Zurich, but held on to third place for the men.  After Stacy, second place went to Anna DeLeon and Nancy Kramer took third. Full results from the 10k are here.

Nancy Kramer
The 5k started 5 minutes after the 10k and went out with a bang - keiki charging ahead.  Of course, that lasted about 200 yards before they were gasping for air. At the front of the race, it was a battle between Tai Scarborough (pushing his son Lihau) and Joe Fairchild, with Joe surging ahead to finish in 18:41 to Tai's 19:03.  Third place overall went to Heather Scarborough in a time of 20:47.  Third place for the men was Carlos Uribe -Bounos in 21:47.  Erin Stephens (21:57) and I (23:02) were the next two finishers taking second and third for the women. Full results from the 5k are here.
The post-race festivities are what separate this race from others.  The biggest draw is the huge, delicious macadamia nut pancakes that they serve at the end.  While everyone is enjoying those at large picnic tables, a local band plays Hawaiian tunes.  A silent auction also has prizes from local vendors for people to browse and bid on.  After everyone talks story, it's time for the awards, which are some of the best around.  The top three in each age group receive carved stone medallions, while the overall winners win huge carved stones, sometimes quite a surprise and packing challenge for non-local winners.

Awards (Photo by Diane Quitiquit)

This year several friends won age groups awards, including:

Rick Rubio
Jon Kunitake

Ali Steiner
Lava People
If you missed it this year, definitely put this race on your calendar for next year!

Although this was the end of the weekend racing for me, several people did the Mac-a-thon/Carboman double, participating in Peaman's Carboman 10-mile Mosey, Roadrunner 3.5 mile Romp and Mighty Mouse Scamper on Easter Sunday morning.

Photo by Makena Becker
Although the fields were smaller because of Easter, the times were still fast. Luis De La Torre took first place in the 10-mile distance.  Karlyn Pipes was the first finisher in the 1-mile distance, followed by a close race between Alec Ankrum and Duke Becker:

Photo by Makena Becker
 Alec's dad, Adam, took first place in the 3.5 mile distance.

Photo by Makena Becker
Since it was Easter morning, there were a lot of families out being active together:

Photo by Makena Becker

Photo by Makena Becker
Photo by Makena Becker
 And of course Peaman was out there in his seasonally appropriate attire:

Photo by Makena Becker
Full results from the races are available here. Congratulations to everyone who participate in one (or more) of the races and events going on this past weekend. 

Tomorrow morning is the Captain Cook Challenge hosted by Team Mango.  The race starts with a 1-mile swim across Kealakekua Bay, followed by a 2-mile run/hike from the Captain Cook Monument to Napoopoo Road.  Next up is a 32-mile hilly bike ride, finished off with a 4-mile hot, hilly run.  Registrations are still being accepted today, but you need to be at the Rudy Project store on Alii Drive with your T1 bag by 7 p.m.!