Monday, April 22, 2013

Carboman 10-Mile Mosey, Roadrunner 3.5-mile Romp and 1-mile Mighty Mouse Scamper

Yesterday was the second of Peaman's "run-only" events for the year. The distances for this one were a little bit longer than February's Terrific Turtle Trudge (and they weren't measured in inches)!  As usual, there was a 1-mile distance for the keiki and the sprinters.  Runners who wanted to go a little further tackled the 3.5 mile distance, from the pier to the Royal Sea Cliff on Alii Drive.  And finally, the toughest ones out there completed the 10-mile mosey, running all the way to Kahalu'u and back.   In addition to the longer distances, this race is tough because of the weather conditions - hot and sunny - and the (relatively) later start.

Peaman addresses the crowd before the start. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.
I was doing the timing and Jason was running, so we don't have any of our own photos of the event.  However, Jason Shepard and his wife Kate have been taking a lot of pictures lately and are letting us use some of theirs.  Their full album is available on Facebook on their Kona Modern Photography page. Mahalo Jason and Kate! 

Keiki get ready to start the race. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.
The winner of the 1-mile race was no surprise for Peaman regulars - a barefooted Silas Wiley crossed the finish line with an outstanding time of 6:38.  David Aegler (6:45) and Jake Lacey (6:57) also came in under 7 minutes for the their runs!  Here are some photos of the one-milers on their way back:

Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

All in the family. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

Mom can't catch me! Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

Peaman is all smiles! Photo by Kona Modern Photography.
In the 3.5-mile race it was another familiar face crossing the finish line for the win - Ziggy Bartholomy with a time of 21:54.  He was chased by Miles Cannon (22:58) and Chico Barrios (26:19) for second and third.   For the ladies, it was Michelle Aegler (30:14) outsprinting Leahi Camacho (30:21) for first place. Lori Montgomery was next behind them with a third place ladies' time of 31:03.

Ziggy Bartholomy. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

Papa Pea. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.   

In the 10-mile race, Luis De La Torre held his pace and passed Jason towards the end to take first place with a time of 1:03:08.  Jason held on to second with a time of 1:03:58, followed closely by Penn Henderson in 1:04:07. Even though he did the 10-miler, I'm sure he was there representing his wife Rani "the Roadrunner" Tanimoto, who the Roadrunner 3.5 mile Romp was named after.  Penn and Rani are new parents to a baby boy, Cole, who I'm sure we'll see out at these races soon! Congrats Penn and Rani!

Luis De La Torre. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.
In the ladies' 10-mile race, Bree Wee easily ran away from the competition with a time of 1:05:39, which put her in 4th place overall.  Kristin Drost took second place with a time of 1:18:00 and Margaret Haderle was third in 1:27:17.

Bree Wee. Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

Jason Shepard (while not taking photos)! Photo by Kona Modern Photography.

Running in sync to the finish! Photo by Kona Modern Photography.
Full results from the races are available here.  Congratulations to all of the participants and mahalo again to Jason and Kate for the photos and to all of the volunteers who helped put the race on!

This weekend there's a special 5k run/walk for adults age 55 and over.  The Senior Strut starts at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday at Hale Halawai and is free!  Then on Sunday, Team Mango is hosting the Escape 2 Pu'uhonua (a slightly different version of their popular Captain Cook Challenge).  The race starts with a 1-mile ocean swim, followed by a 2-mile trail run, a 20-mile hilly bike and another 4-mile run.  The race starts at 7:00 a.m. from the City of Refuge.

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