Thursday, September 19, 2013

Recent Race Results!

Over the past several weeks, there have been plenty of last-minute training events in preparation for Ironman. On September 8, there were three races almost simultaneously that captured the attention of most of the athletes on the island.
The crowd watching the Peaman race.
First off was the Run for Hope 5k/10k at the Four Seasons Hualalai.  This is a gorgeous race through the grounds of Hualalai, but it's not easy between the heat and the hills.  Of course at the end, there's always a delicious post-race breakfast that included mimosas and bloody marys this year.  And proceeds from this race benefit cancer research here on the Big Island!  This year Justin Butler and Nicole Vedelli won the 5k race, while Jason and Sara Bloom won the 10k race.  Full results from the races are available at JTL Timing's website

About an hour after that race, biathletes gathered at the Kailua Pier for Peaman's Wee and DLT Biathlon, a 3/4 mile swim and 3.9 mile run.  Makena Becker was there and took some photos, so we actually have photos in this post!  Unfortunately I don't have a link to any results those, since I was never able to locate them on West Hawaii Today's website.  (They did appear in the print version on Tuesday, I believe).

Pablo Ureta (below) took first place over Luis De La Torre (the "DLT" honoree of the race), while Jennifer Stabrylla took first place for the ladies.

In the Peawee division, Duke Becker sprinted to a super fast finish to take first place - he's heading into transition in the photo below.

One of our employees, Maggie McCleery (below), represented us well as she teamed up with her super fast swimmer husband Jim for the Split Pea division. If you haven't met Maggie yet, you can generally find her at our Alii Drive store on Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons (and likely a bit more over the coming weeks as Ironman approaches)!

As usual, Peaman was there, showing his excitement about the start of football season again, and cruised to the finish line with Helgi Olafson.

More photos from the Peaman race are available here.

Finally that morning was the Big Island Road Runners' Hilo Bay 5k/10k on the Hilo side of the island. In the 5k, Patrick Baker and Ada Brown took first place, while Chris Gregory and Angie Miyashiro won the 10k.  Full results are posted below:

Hilo Bay 5K

Over-all winner:
First Place: Patrick Baker 20:44 First Place: Ada Brown 22:55
Second Place: Keith Marrack 22:36 Second Place: Therese Pacheco 28:02

0-19 yr. old: MALE FEMALE
Jamie Ebersole 34:09 Felecia Hammer 28:39
Kayla Paiva 49:49
Kiana Baruela 41:00
Maggie Freitas 54:59
Summer Martin 55:29

20-29 yr. old
Charles Lewis 30:06 Talia Baley 33:59
Cody Tabilang 36:32 Waiolu Peterson 34:03
Kaua Puaoi 37:54
Danielle Takeshita 44:45
Nichole Puaoi 47:55

30-39 yr. old
Colby La Brie 29:46 Iris Liberato 30:13
Lorena DelaCruz 30:30
Arlene Padasdao 31:58
Elizabeth Lamorte 34:51
Jill Tung-Loong 40:25
Nikki Minami 44:47
40-49 yr. old
Jesse Ebersole 34:10 Debbie Tabura 31:59
Shawn Tingle 39:35 Celeste Barcia 32:46
Brenda Deschamps 33:19
Christina Ellis 33:48
Emily Hirayama 37:17
Judy Nicolas 44:49
Gina Martain 56:00
Melanie DeMotta 57:02
Rosalinda Larkin 57:29
50-59 yr. old
Dennis Nagai 25:32 Rachel Laderman 28:51
Gabe Figueira 29:12 Sharon Ibarra 40:20
Allie Tateishi 40:35
60 and over
G. A. Rock 31:23 Chele Hryniuk 38:23
Patrick Donovan 31:49 Kathy Hammes 46:28
Robert Nagamine 37:43
Herb Wagner 38:18
Paul Hansen 42:46

10K Results

Over-All first and second place:
Chris Gregory 34:10 Angie Miyashiro 51:28
Joe Barcia 38:57 Sally Marrack 52:4

20-29 yr. old
Curtis Neck 42:34 Aryn Meguro 52:55
Casey Bolger 42:34 Cindy Ah Sing 56:09
Carlo Tiano 43:52
Rico Tumen 52:01
Okezie Trendi 52:11

30-39 yr. old
Mike Daly 41:29 Maile Bellosi 55:00
Bradley Ida 51:59 Ashley Drake 58:48
Raymond Okanira 57:01
Mak Lewis 58:15

40-49 yr. old
Robert Patey 43:24 Yuka Blinn 54:36
Scott Provost 56:09 Susie Bunton 1:01:04
Adams Agtarap 59:46 Shirline Brown 1:04:42
Robert Pauole 59:51
Marshall Freitas 1:01:21
Tim Auth 1:01:46
Mark Bunton 1:05:55

50-59 yr. old
Stewart Miyashiro 46:12 Jerelyn Hammer 1:02:56
Ray Ibarra 48:42 Kin Furumo 1:05:39
Tim O’Connell 54:59 Lee Otani 1:09:29
Rick Otani 56:14
Andrew Langtry 56:41
Steve Pavao 59:46
Allison Yano 1:05:59

60 and over
DJ Blinn 50:02
Don Zimbeck 55:25
Charles Keane 58:47
David Hammes 1:04:42

Finally, last weekend was a rare chance to get in a run-bike-run workout at Kua Bay.  As usual, distances were variable, with most people opting for the 8k/40 mile/8k version. 

Run-Bike-Run Results
Sept. 15, 2013
Kua Bay

8k Run / 40 Mile Bike / 8k Run
1. Dave Burger 3:10:01
2. Jon Jokiel 3:10:30
3. Jeremy Withrow 3:21:34
4. Daniel Hodel 3:46:35
5. Koa Kea 3:47:19
6. John Ferdico 4:08:23

5 mile run / 40k bike / 2 mile run
Kym Kiser 2:15:00
Kris Kiser 2:15:00

3 mile run / 20 mile bike / 5 mile run
Tammy Huckabone 3:06:22

14.26 mile run
Lava Peoples 2:40:00
This weekend on the Hilo side is the Wayne Joseph Big Dog Memorial Run on Saturday at 8:00 a.m.  This 3-mile run is a fundraiser for Waiakea Cross Country and takes place on the Waiakea High School Track.  Good luck to all participants!

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