Monday, May 10, 2010

Bree Wee's Chickpea Biathlon and Mother's Day Celebration

Sunday was a special day for the women in Kona - Mother's Day and a women-only Peaman event! Last weekend, the men got to have their turn at a men-only Peaman event. So this weekend was for the ladies.

The event was the same as last weekend - a 1/2 mile swim and 3.1 mile run (with the usual pea-wee course). There was a big focus on the moms and families this weekend, with many people doing relays or running along with their kids. Here are some pictures of the family participants:

Beckers and Harrises out of the water!

Dad helps with the transition.

Getting close to the finish line!

I've often said how amazed I am with women who push baby joggers and she's got a double!

LaVerne and Brandon near the finish!

A little encouragement from Mom!

One of the best things about the Peaman events is that they are fun for all ages. And parents can keep their kids active while participating with them. We love seeing them start young! More pictures are available here.

In the Chickpea category, race honoree Bree Wee finished first in a time of 33:30; Rani Tanimoto was second in a time of 36:27; and Dana Drexler was third in 40:42. Full results are here. I managed to move up to 11th on the run for a time of 45:36. My swim, which is getting better, is still on the slower end. Of course, if I could figure out how to swim in a straight line instead of zigzagging all over the place, I'd probably be able to shave at least a minute off my time!

After the race, there was the usual prize give-away, with tons of great stuff. I managed to snag a Big Island Honda race shirt. Thanks Big Island Honda! Congratulations to all the Moms who competed for themselves or with their kids! And thanks, as always, to Peaman and the volunteers who make all these races possible.

Next Sunday is the Queen Ka'ahumanu Triathlon Club's half marathon starting and finishing at the Old Airport. The race is free so come work it into your training schedule. Big Island Running Company will be out there manning an aid station and we hope to see everyone out running!

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